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Dyraste service i världen

Den schweiziska storbanken UBS har sedan 1971 analyserat priser, löner, arbetstider och andra faktorer runt om i världen såsom kläder, transport, restaurang, hotell, bil, bla. I årets undersökning ingår 73 städer. När det gäller service har UBS analyserat 27 services: telefon, biobiljetter, mm.

Härmed citerar jag slutsatserna:

The global average price for our basket of services is USD 503. Services cost the most in Western Europe and North America, where the average price tag is USD 677 and USD 621 respectively. The cheapest region is Africa, where average prices do not exceed USD 280. Consumers are presented with the biggest bills for services in Dubai (USD 890) and Oslo (USD 880), while the cheapest services are found in Mumbai
(USD 180) and Delhi (USD 190). The relatively wide price gaps reflect the differences in the wages paid to service-providers. This wage disparity persists because virtually no trade exists between countries for many services. This means that price adjustments are less common than is the case for traded goods.

Globally, prices differ least for an overnight stay for two in a three-star hotel. These rates vary by only 33.5% from the international average. By contrast, prices for postage stamps (89%) and cleaning services (85.7%) showed the greatest variation.

Hela rapporten: Prices and Earnings av UBS (gällande service sidan 24).

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